Daniel is a founder and clinical advisor to RingBlade. He is an Argentinian doctor specialized in Ophthalmology with over 1,000 surgical procedures performed. He is the inventor of RingBlade.

Precision tools for cataract surgery

Circular Precision. Perfect Results


RingBlade creates innovative tools designed to improve the performance of a critical step in cataract surgery, Anterior Capsulotomy. The traditional method, Continuous Curvilinear Circulorhexis, has several disadvantages that make difficult to obtain a perfect circle with a perfect diameter, affecting the successful of the surgeries.

Cataract Disease is a large and curable problem.


Cataracts are the main cause of readily curable blindness.  Treatment involves surgery to remove the diseased lens and replacement with an artificial Intraocular Lens (IOL). Patients are increasingly demanding premium IOLs that are multifocal, or toric to treat astigmatism. Some IOLs are tinted to improve specific vision needs. Implanting these lenses require more exacting surgery.



Bruce is the CEO of RingBlade and has been a medical device entrepreneur and investor since 1999. 




Bernardo is a founder and technical advisor to RingBlade. He studied at the University of Mar del Plata and has since worked in several research groups in Argentina.